Hi, and welcome to iHack, formerly known as, ‘Earnest Probe-hacker’. My name is actually Ernest Prabhakar, which I realize can be confusing, but I needed something distinctive that captured the “hacker” (in the MIT sense) flavor of this site. Plus, I’ve actually seen my name spelled that way (or worse!).

 I go by “Dr. Ernie” on the Internet to make it easier to Google me; I have a Ph.D. in Physics which I almost never use, at least directly. I’ve been in Product Marketingfor 11 years, focusing on UNIXopen sourceopen standards, and Web 2.0 (yeah, “focus” may not be the right word :-).

These days, my twitter feed is mostly about Rohan, my young son and first child. I am active in my church and numerous online communities. Hobbies including trying to reinvent Western Civilization.

You can learn more about me at LinkedInFacebookDeliciousFriendFeedSpock, and even Wikipedia.

Needless to say, the opinions expressed here are my own, not those of my employer, unless explicitly marked otherwise.

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