UNIX for the PC (Politically Correct)

August 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

While cleaning up one of my old websites, I decided to move the technical-related articles to this blog. I’m starting with a document I wrote back in 1993 that was accepted on the USENIX newsgroup rec.humor.funny. This was all pre-Linux, so the whole concept of UNIX on a Personal Computer was itself something of a joke!

The humor is certainly a bit dated, but Google still finds over 5,000 copies (alas, mostly uncredited). Yes, I really did write this myself.

Much later, this also formed the basis for a surprisingly successful Apple Fool’s Day marketing request — but that’s another story. :-}

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Free The Geeks: Towards A Liberal “Tech” Education

July 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

Harvard University raised a minor ruckus last year when they revamped their core liberal arts curriculum. Regardless of the merits of their specific plan, they deserve credit for being willing to reexamine, redefine, and reinvent their scholarship to better fulfill their unique mission: training the next generation of “cultural elites” who will guide academia, industry, and government.

In this era of declining computer science enrollments — and ongoing concern over the math and science competency of American students — I believe it is time for technical institutions to undertake similar soul-searching. In particular, we need to rethink the historic divorce of science and engineering from the so-called liberal arts — those nominally intended for “free men.”

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