Microformats Governance

February 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

In a Lenten-induced fit of penance, I just proposed
revamping the Governance of Microformats. It’ll be
interesting to see how many worm-cans I’ve opened up…

[Initial Email to microformats-discuss]

issue has come up several times before, but never seems to have gotten traction.
So (as part of my Lenten penance 🙂 I’ve finally decided to take the bull by
the horns and put together a proposal for addressing the various
governance-related questions that have been


may not be a perfect solution, but I really feel we need to do *something*. If
nothing else, hopefully this wiki page will help capture our current “best
thinking”, as well as the pros and cons of various concrete

I’ve also started capturing
the “known” governance facts at:


someone can add links to any extant policies that we already


Ernie P.

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