UNIX for the PC (Politically Correct)

August 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

While cleaning up one of my old websites, I decided to move the technical-related articles to this blog. I’m starting with a document I wrote back in 1993 that was accepted on the USENIX newsgroup rec.humor.funny. This was all pre-Linux, so the whole concept of UNIX on a Personal Computer was itself something of a joke!

The humor is certainly a bit dated, but Google still finds over 5,000 copies (alas, mostly uncredited). Yes, I really did write this myself.

Much later, this also formed the basis for a surprisingly successful Apple Fool’s Day marketing request — but that’s another story. :-}

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Full Thrust Logo

September 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

Full Thrust, originally uploaded by Dr. Ernie.

Since my Mercurial repository wants a banner image…

FTGS Project now hosted on Assembla.com

September 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

Since several people suggested Mercurial would actually be easier to learn/use than Git, I have gone ahead on created a Full Thrust Game Server project on the Assembla.com hosting service, which provides:

and much more. I will still post major announcements here, and email discussions will continue to take place on FTjava, but everything else will happen on Assembla.  See you there!

Announcing FTGS: The Full Thrust Game Server

September 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is the official kick-off the “FTGS” project (prounounced “fatigues”), an effort to build an online Game Server for the Full Thrust Space Naval Wargame. It is inspired by (though not directly derived from) the FTJava Play-By-eMail client. FTGS will be developed via an open process, using a public git Mercurial repository and the ftjava-test mailing list (subscribe). Eventually the complete system will be hosted on its own domain, e.g. “fullthrust.ws“.

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Space Naval Wargame Project: Full Thrust

September 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

I’ve been thinking for a while about building a simple wargame as a way to try out various new technologies I’m experimenting with. A gamer friend of mine recently told me about Full Thrust, which seems like an ideal candidate. My initial thought is to implement a RESTful back-end using Google App Engine (since it is hosted for free), and perhaps attempt simple front ends in SproutCore, Shoes, HotCocoa, and the iPhone SDK.

No promises, but watch this blog (and the git repository Assembla developer portal) for future efforts. And let me know if you’d like to help!

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