Basic Demo

February 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

[This is a follow-up to my Rails 2.0 demo]

  1. In Finder, Double-click to launch /Developer/Applications/
  2. Select “UI Recorder” for new document
  3. In toolbar, Select Launch Executable ->
    • Quit Safari if currently running
  4. In that instrument, Click “i” for info subwindow
    • Configure UI Recorder to NOT Record Mouse Move, Drag
  5. Open Library from Toolbar
  6. Select Activity Monitor instrument (e.g., type “act” in Search field)
  7. In Instrument, select [i] and choose:
    • Sample Rate: 2
    • Net Bytes In Per Second
    • Disk Bytes Read Per Second
    • Disk Bytes Written Per Second
    • % User Load
    • Zoom 4x (move split screen)
  8. Save
  9. Click “Record”

Assuming you have already started the app from the last post:

  1. Type http://localhost:3000/articles into address bar
  2. Click on “New article”
  3. Enter title and contents
  4. Click “Create”
  5. Click “Back”
  6. Select “Destroy” for that record
  7. Quit Safari # ends recording

Finally, zoom into Track to fill window, to show individual actions.

If you’re brave, click “Drive [& Record]” to show that it recorded properly. I haven’t gotten that to work consistently yet, though…

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