Agile as Organizational Therapy

November 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

Agile is a meaningless buzzword for many because it is perceived as an answer in search of a question.  Too often, Agile is “cargo-culted” into an organization as an imposed process without first developing a deep understanding of what problems need to be solved.  True progress only happens when the solution is aligned with the problems people actually care about.

To make that happen, we need to take our organizations though a therapeutic process of surfacing and dealing with the hidden pains and frustrations than prevent top performance.  The good news is that we could use the same principles of agile to get us there.

  1. Agree on a Vision
  2. Define a Deliverable
  3. Commit to a Process

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Entrepreneur Club, Week 2 “Caring but Not Caring”

July 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Dear budding Entrepreneurs,
Last week we took a brief diversion from E-Myth Mastery to discuss another book I stayed up until 2 AM reading:

David Marquet – Creating leadership at every level.

His basic premise is that leaders should be creating “sub-leaders” rather than followers, by giving up Control (through providing Clarity and Competence). Doing that successfully requires an attitude of “Caring but not Caring.”  We have to care about the Mission and the People we serve — but NOT care about our own Ego!
Each of shared and prayed for each other with how we’re wrestling with fear, performance, and impatience because we still tend to care about (and trust) “us” rather than God.
This tied in incredibly well with Anne Delke’s sermon at Kingsway Moreland yesterday, about how we can easily commit to “Good ideas” rather than “God’s ideas” — and how that can lead to things going horribly, irrevocably wrong…

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