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October 27, 2005 § Leave a comment

Updated Oct
: bug fixes, simpler implementation
(compatible with 1.1)

I’ve finally
finished (I hope 🙂 a long-running project to use DarwinPorts itself to build
the DarwinPorts installer. Yeah! The goal is to enable us to use all our
existing tools to automate and collaborate on this

I’ve uploaded an archive containing all the files:

? darwinports Portfile
? postflight script
? removed: [patched
(to add package.resources flag)]
? new background.tiff (to allow a longer list of
Installer steps)
addition, the resulting DarwinPorts-1.1.dmg is available (updated
10/28); please test it, especially with a default shell of /bin/tcsh and Mac OS
X versions 10.2 and 10.3!
I’ve filed bugs:
a. removed:
b. background tiff
c. darwinports Portfile + postflight

Hopefully these can be used to build
the DP 1.2 release!

Click [Read More] to see the diff to

[Removed patch — just do it using
post-pkg. Doh!]

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