LGAP: Lightweight Grid Access Protocol

November 18, 2005 § Leave a comment

Traditional Grid Services
have been built on the XML-RPC Model, and require complex tools and
frameworks in order to be used at all. This tends to lead to highly structured
efforts to force convergence on a single implementation, in order to share the
pain — er, minimize the total

There has to be a better
way. Inspired by Apple’s Xgrid project, and the REX web services architecture, I think there’s
room for a “Lightweight Grid Access Protocol” (LGAP, cf. LDAP)
using REST-style APIs to enable Radically Simple interoperability between
diverse Grid platforms. The goal is to develop something that could be
implemented in *under a day* from scratch, simply by leveraging existing web
infrastructure — and yet be sufficiently rich and interoperable to support a
grid ecosystem!

Click [Read More] for a
list of existing efforts in this space, whose learnings we should incorporate
into any such model. I don’t know yet if this is feasible, but it surely seems
worth exploring.

A. The DRMAA-WG Charter

(under Global Grid

Develop an API
specification for the submission and control of jobs to one or more Distributed
Resource Management (DRM) systems. The scope of this specification is all the
high level functionality which is necessary for an application to consign a job
to a DRM system including common operations on jobs like termination or

B. AliEn

(from Cern)

A lightweight Grid framework which is built around
Open Source components using the combination of Web Service and distributed
agent models.

C. Xgrid

(from Apple Computer’s ACG)
the first distributed computing architecture to be
built into a desktop or server operating system.
? Xgrid Foundation API Reference
? GridStuffer by Charles Parnot
? pyxg by Brian Granger

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