AHAH — They’ve Got It!

December 19, 2005 § Leave a comment

I am pleased to see that the AJAX-alternative
meme “AHAH” — which I co-developed with Kevin Marks
and David Hansson — has started getting significant airplay, highlighted in a
recent microformats blog entry:
So if you?ve been
wondering what this AJAX stuff is about, take a look at
you might find it gets you 90% of the hyped user interface advantages with only
about 10% of the hype (and effort for that matter). That?s the kind of
90/10 rule we like around

Click [Read More] for some of
my favorite recent articles about AJAX/AHAH.

AJAX ? AHAH ! sounds funny,
but AHAH now stands for Asychronous HTML and HTTP, a technique for dynamically
updating web pages using JavaScript, involving usage of XMLHTTPRequest to
retrieve (X)HTML fragments which are then inserted directly into the web page,
whence they can be styled using CSS. Nothing new until now, except that inspite
of retreiving XML, AHAH stands for retreiving (X)HTML.
AHAH: Asychronous HTML and

via Paul
The idea is, it’s basically Ajax, but instead of grabbing arbitrary XML and
processing it on the client-side with Javascript or XSLT and inserting things
into the DOM, you just grab bits of (X)HTML from the server and inject them
directly into your page. So, the client side does much less logic and merely
needs to say “replace the content in the element with this ID with the (X)HTML
at this URI”.
? David Hoefler: AJAX
made easy with AHAH
Every Sunday morning I
always tinker around with some new code. Today I felt like messing around with
AHAH. … With that said, here’s a basic example
? And even one in French: AJAX
Heu on peut y aller
doucement avec les acronymes l? j’ai mal la

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