I never metadata I didn’t like…

December 22, 2005 § Leave a comment

Apologies for the bad “Will
meets Brent Spiner” pun. This is to introduce two
terms I coined recently:
— metadata inferred based on other metadata
For example, knowing that an email from me has a
connection to Elk Grove because you have an vCard (somewhere else) that tells
you that Ernest Prabhakar lives there.
— metadata about the metadata store itself
For example, how many of my documents have Ernest
Prabhakar in their metadata? How does that compare to the frequency of other
people’s names?

Yeah, I know both those words are used all over
the place (200K for paradata, 2 million for hyperdata), but I had a hard time
finding common definitions in the metadata context. Look for yourself, and tell
me if you can figure out a consensus definition for these

paradata + metadata

hyperdata + metadata

Until somebody tells me better,
I’m sticking with mine. 🙂

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