Sam Ruby goes Jeff Foxworthy on REST vs. SOAP

March 23, 2006 § Leave a comment

SAM got a little wistful today about this ancient post where he hoped that the REST vs.
SOAP debate would focus on substantive issues. [Read more] to see why he isn’t
giving up his day job…

From Sam

Rest vs RPC

reality, there aren’t two sides. There are at least
? Everything is a resource
? Everything is a get
? Everything is a message
? Everything is a procedure
Furthermore, everything doesn’t fit into such neat
little buckets. Anyway, each of these points of view are limiting in some
way that their adherents are typically too blind to see. If all you have
is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail, and all that.
Telling these guys apart is sometimes difficult.
Here’s a few clues. Read them along the lines of a
“you might be a redneck
You might be a Resource guy if you actually use HTTP
You might be a Get guy if you use URLs to request
parameterized actions
You might be a Message guy if you actually use XML
You might be a Procedure guy if you feel you must
encode XML in order to pass it as a parameter

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