What in God’s Name is Happening to School?

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

A primer on the ongoing transformation of education, for my cousin-in-law who runs a seminary startup.

  1. Use video to “flip the classroom” so teachers are more “guide on the side” than “sage on the stage.”
  2. Shift the goal from passive content acquisition to constructive skill masteryKhan Academy Vision – YouTube
  3. Personalize education for different learning styles and goals: Mass Customized Learning
  4. Team students together as teachers and builders:  Challenge Based Learning – Home Page
  5. Prepare students to create jobs rather than find them: The Lean LaunchPad – Teaching Entrepreneurship as a Management Science « Steve Blank
  6. Develop a coherent theology of work and life: Strive For Work-Life Integration, Not Balance | Fast Company
  7. Nurture an organic learning network, not an institution: Stoos Learning Change » Think Productivity!
  8. Create a viral business model enabling lower cost yet higher quality: The Makers Triversity: A Father’s Education Dream « iHack, therefore iBlog

Did I miss anything important?

Appendix: Related tweets

  • What if seminarians were graduated solely based on the theology that the non-Christians they knew inferred from their behavior?
  • The skill theologians ought to be mastering is how to discern & articulate the purpose & activity of God in new contexts.
  • Seminary should train Christians to follow the process of Aquinas, Athanasius, Augustine, Luther & Calvin — not their results!
  • Christendom is dying for theological entrepreneurs who will convene new resources to fulfill God’s vision in new contexts.

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