Auto-launching Chrome to Debug Mocha Tests on Mac

March 22, 2017 § 1 Comment

Are you tired of cutting and pasting URLs from node –inspect to launch Chrome?

This is what happens today:

$ alias mocha="node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha"
$ alias mocha-debug="mocha --debug-brk --inspect --compilers ts:ts-node/register --recursive test/**/*-spec.ts"
$ mocha-debug
Debugger listening on port 9229.
Warning: This is an experimental feature and could change at any time.
To start debugging, open the following URL in Chrome:

Right now I need to manually launch Chrome and paste in that URL, which is a pain.  After much experimentation, I finally found a StackOverflow question that pointed me to inspect-process. Now I can just do:

$ npm install -g inspect-process

$ inspect node_modules/mocha/bin/_mocha --compilers ts:ts-node/register --recursive test/**/*-spec.ts

Whew!  I am posting this here in the hopes it will help other people find the information more easily.

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