Psycho-Analytic Engineering (Coalesce 2021)

June 6, 2021 § Leave a comment

Using Data to Differentiate Our Selves

Keynote Talk Proposal for Coalesce 2021

Google Slides

Based on “DBT as Organizational Therapy

Pitch Video

More powerful tools and shorter cycle times mean that we analytics engineers “get to” spend less time on coding SQL and “have to” spend more time understanding the deeper needs, motivations, and pain points of our stakeholders.

My thesis is that, in order to fulfill the bold promises we are making, analytics engineers will need to become “organizational therapists” who can embrace and reconcile the fragmented and contradictory aspects of our corporate personas.

I introduce the psychological concept of self-differentiation as a tool for both understanding the “fragmented selves” of our corporate environment, and the personal journey we must undertake to become agents of change and healing.

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