LifeView (Designing Your Life)

June 7, 2022 § Leave a comment

The sequel to WorkView.

Our Part

All of us
Are a Part
Of one shared Reality
I call God

Some of us
Know that
More deeply than others

Each of us
Knows something
Others do not

Life is about:

  1. Learning our Part (awareness)
  2. Appreciating others’ Parts (empathy)
  3. Helping each other do that (impact)

In that order
Over and over again

The Three Values

We fulfill our Part
By how well we Pursue and Trade-off
Joy, Glory and Love

  • Joy
    • Pleasure (happiness)
    • Purpose (meaning)
  • Glory
    • Competence (skill)
    • Worthiness (virtue)
  • Love
    • Belonging (be known)
    • Service (be needed)

Our Roles

To manage those tradeoffs
We play many Roles

All of them
Are part of our Part
None of them
Are our Part

Happiness is playing
The right Role
At the right time

Joy is finding
Our Part
In the Part-y
Of God

The Meta-Crisis

Every tradeoff
Carries a price

The bill
Must be paid
The devil
Gets his due

In the past
Those of Us with power
Made Them
Pay the price

But now
The world is so connected
There is no longer a Them
Only Us

There is no longer a Them

Only Us



To move forward
We must internalize
And reconcile
The excluded pain
That enabled us
To become Us
By creating Them

We must
Face the un-grieved
Grieve the un-faced
Think the unthinkable
Forgive the unforgivable

Is impossible

And yet

We will destroy Us
In fighting Them

To reach the level
Of emotional security
Necessary to embrace
What we most despise

We must identify with
The worlds we fear
The cross we dread
The people we despise

Even as Christ
Died for Us
When we were Them

Epilogue: Zoasophy

To individuate
And connect
Is Human

To reconcile
Is Divine


“We have to better understand who and what we are, individually and collectively, in order to be able to fundamentally change how we act.”

Meta Crisis 101: What is the Meta-Crisis?

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