WorkView (Designing Your Life)

June 7, 2022 § 1 Comment

Work is creating something
Of value to others

Making a dent in the universe
Or better, fixing one

With enough accountability
Or structure
That I cannot hide

If there is no goal
Beyond self-expression/discovery
I call it Art

If the goal is to create or acquire knowledge
I call it Science

If the goal is to make money
I call it Commerce

The lines often blur
In mostly good ways

The best work
Connects us to others
And pushes us
To become
The best version
Of ourselves

I like the idea
Of coherency
And deliberate tradeoffs
Rather than mere authenticity

Though it is easy
To underestimate
The long-terms costs
Especially of inertia #MidLifeCrisis

I need to balance
The current challenge
That Others most need me to handle
With how to prepare for the next one
With what I need for myself
And those I most love

Then deliberately
Design my life
So I respond
Appropriately now
And better later

And not leave others
Or myself

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