Plan: ActiveData

February 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

Based on the encouraging responses to my original post on rails-core, I’ve put together
a plan of action. [Read more] for the details,
and stay tuned for the implementation.

[Update: Hat tip to Rubert Barrow for suggesting
ActiveSalesforce as a possible starting

Just to summarize, the best plan
appears to be:

a) Create a plugin

Define my own module containing my custom classes

c) Define a new generic
Query object, and test it for backward-compatibility

d) Define
subclasses for methods I want to override,

* ActiveData::Base <<
ActiveRecord::Base, for generic

* ActiveData::Adapter
<< ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::AbstractAdapter, to vend Query

e) Implement the CoreData
adaptor and query, as a separate subclass

f) Write unit tests
validating all the above

And if this
all works, then we can discuss whether it makes sense to refactor parts of ActiveRecord (perhaps for
Rails 2.0) — but right now that would be

From Nathaniel

Emil Marceta, a local
Ruby guy here in Vancouver wrote this post to the mailing

describes how to use ActiveRecord’s validations against table-less data model
based on Rick Olson’s code here:

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