How to Have and Resolve An Argument

June 15, 2014 § Leave a comment


We hold certain positions because of what we:

A. Experience -> B. Encode -> C. Evaluate -> D. Emphasize -> E. Express


If someone disagrees with us, it is because they differ from us in one of those five areas, aka:

A. Facts -> B. Definitions -> C. Reasoning -> D. Values – > E. Style


  1. A healthy argument iterates through all five levels to identify where and how we differ
  2. To resolve these differences, we would need to:
    1. Investigate Facts
    2. Analyze Definitions and Reasoning
    3. Empathize with each other’s Values
    4. Honor each other’s Style
  3. Confusion about the proper level leads to talking past the other person

Note: analytic people (like me) will often try to resolve everything by pure argument

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