Analytics Anonymous: The Missing Peace of the Modern Data Stack

May 31, 2022 § Leave a comment

Pitch 2 for Coalesce 2022 (unsubmitted)

While we love great technology, I bet most of us embraced the Modern Data Stack in order to positively impact human beings: our business, our industry, and our society. But if you’re like me, you’ve discovered the problems you care most about might not be solvable by current (or perhaps any) data platforms.

Analytics Anonymous is a safe space to talk about all the challenges that aren’t part of our formal role, but make our jobs (and lives) both worthwhile and frustrating. The goal is not just to be heard and understood, but to build relationships and brainstorm ideas so we can better address those challenges, together.

This ninety-minute online session is built around structured dialogue in both large and small groups, inspired by Reconciliation Circles and Ethics Bowl.
The “main stage” will be broadcast and recorded for others to learn from. We are also looking for facilitators to work with us in advance to learn and revise the format.

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